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Well Water Services


Everyone needs clean water

Everyone needs an easily and readily available source of water for daily use and consumption. Whether required for your farm, personal home, or commercial needs, a properly installed water well system could be just what you need. If you live or work within the Asheville, NC area, Ferguson’s Well & Pump LLC can install water well systems for you today!

When it comes to your own water well pump and its use, there are several factors which must be addressed such for optimal performance and reliability. Water well systems depend on features such as well depth, water pressure, and well maintenance for sustained functionality.


Well Depth

Though the required depths of water well systems depend on location, geographical features, and water table fluctuations, drilling machines are capable of drilling down to great depths. Though deeper wells may initially cost more to construct, future problems may arise from wells dug too shallowly and can potentially cost even more. Professionals should be consulted for optimal well depth to ensure the sustainability of your investment. 


Water Pressure

The comfort of your farm, home, or commercial interest is only enhanced by the dependability of your water well system and its reliable water pressure. Efficient and professionally installed water pumps and systems provide the pressure required for a comfortable lifestyle.


Well Maintenance

Hiring qualified professionals to service your water well systems may mean the difference between a minor issue and a far greater, more costly one. 

With all employees holding certifications as well drillers, pump installers, and electrical contractors in special ground water and pump classifications within the state of North Carolina, you may rest assured that your water well system and property are in trusted, qualified hands. For quality assistance, contact Ferguson’s Well & Pump LLC today!

Well Pump Installation


No water? No problem!

If your water is no longer flowing, your water pressure is too low, or contamination has entered your well, you need help from well pump professionals. Whether it be a simple maintenance issue or a complete overhaul, Ferguson’s Well & Pump LLC is here to help you out! Customers in the Asheville, NC area, can rest assured that certified and trustworthy pump specialists are close by.

No matter what the issue may be, your pump is the lifeline to your well and water supply. Don’t risk additional damages or even more costs when qualified assistance is just a simple phone call away.


Diagnosing the Problem

The first step in any pump-related issue is having a professional assess the causes and recommend competent solutions. Whether it be an electrical issue, eroded pipe, or mechanical failure, certified pipe professionals can save you both time and money through proper well pump installation.


Proper Installation

Incorrect or faulty water well pump installation can not only be costly and ineffective, but outright dangerous. Exposed sections of pipes and wiring are hazardous as well as life-threatening. Don’t risk contamination of your water supply or electrocution. Have professional well pump installation performed by Ferguson’s Well & Pump LLC.


Energy & Cost Efficiency

Again, professional installment is a must for your water well pump. Improper or inexperienced well pump installation can cost you much more money in the long run in energy bills and servicing. Request professional assistance today and begin your saving now!

Rely on the competence and knowledge of the professionals at Ferguson’s Well & Pump LLC. With over 41 years of experience in the industry, we can handle all your installation needs.

Well Drilling Services


Leave it to the Professionals...

The adequate depth of your well is as important to your overall water system as the pump or any other component. To ensure the comfort and reliability of your water system for your farm, home, or commercial interest, well drilling is the first step. Trust the professionals at Ferguson’s Well & Pump LLC to provide you with the groundwork you need for a lasting, practical solution for all your water system needs.

Leave well drilling to the certified professionals who know what it takes to provide you and your water system with the foundations for success. 


Well Depth

Though the required depth of your well may depend on a wide variety of factors, drilling machines are capable of reaching depths that will fully meet your needs. Though such deeper well drilling may cost more in the beginning, a professionally dug, adequately deep well will save you the cost of having to repair a well dug that was originally dug too shallowly. 


Drilling Methods

Various techniques for well drilling exist for varying landscapes and geologic features. With methods ranging from the use of air rotary to bucket augers, from the implementation of a cable tool to reverse circulation, professional consultation and technique is a must. 


Geological / Hydrological Features

Required well depth and drilling depends on the geological and hydrological makeup of the land being drilled. Such features greatly influence the degree and requirements of construction. 

The cost and time required for well drilling depends on a variety of factors. Consultation and planning by the professionals at Ferguson’s Well & Pump LLC will help to ensure customer satisfaction as well as an effective water system. Contact us today more for info.


Best well company ever!! We’ve been using them for over 20 years!!

Jenny Marous Brunet

Called the office Tuesday afternoon, with complaint of no water..Lady called us back within 30 minutes. She told us workers would be here by Wednesday noon, well they were not here. However, they did call and tell us that GPS sent them to wrong Turkey Branch. So they arrive 45 minutes late…Took a quick look at problem, fixed the problem in about 20 minutes. Took longer to crawl through the mud and muck, than to fix actual problem..Thank you Ferguson’s Well and Pump, you have always been awesome. These folks are great.

Peggy Roberts


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