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Welcome to Ferguson's Well and Pump, LLC, where we provide our customers with Well Drilling, Pump Installation and Servicing. Originally created in 1978 then restructured and renamed to Ferguson’s Well and Pump, LLC, in 2005 by owners Larry and Sherry Ferguson. Working together they ensure employee's are Certified Well Drillers specializing in complete Water Systems for home, farm and commercial applications. Both believe quality and customer satisfaction go hand in hand. For over 37 years, we have had the pleasure to work with and assist countless customers with maintaining, repairing and installing new water systems. Our goal is to provide quality work to our customers today... and in the future. We are always striving to keep our existing customers, as well as new customers, pleased and satisfied.

    Even after so many years, the tradition has remained the same with Larry. We're so proud to out perform our competetors, and the record of repeat Customers. We consistently go beyond customer expectations with safe practices and quality control. Continued customer confidence in our performance is a testament to our leadership position within our industry.

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Since its inception in 1978, Ferguson's Well and Pump, LLC, has been delivering quality service to both the Commercial, Agricultural, and Residential sectors. We're built on honesty and integrity and treat our customers just like we would want treated.


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At Ferguson's Well and Pump, LLC, we believe offering every client high quality customer service with respect and courtesy. Simply fill out our online Contact Form or email our Staff at and Larry or Sherry will be happy to contact you.

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